What is hypnotherapy effective for?

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool for:

  • Changing your behavior

    • Quitting addictions to drinking, smoking, and sugar

    • Ending overeating, binging, and restrictive eating

  • Overcoming and coping with emotional disturbances

    • Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and panic attacks

    • Low self-esteem, lack of confidence

    • Reducing stress and reversing its negative effects

  • Improving physical and mental performance

    • Athletics, public speaking, interviews, leadership, management


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the pairing of meditation with imagination. It’s a natural brain state known as theta, which every person passes through when they’re winding down to fall asleep. Theta, or hypnosis, is the state of deep relaxation, imagination, focus, concentration, and suggestibility. Some people are able to go into this state more easily than others, but because this is a natural brain state, anyone can by hypnotized.


what is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the combination of hypnosis with other therapeutic techniques. I practice a form of hypnotherapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), which was created Marisa Peer, a world-renowned therapist.

Hypnotherapy deals with our problems at the subconscious level. Our subconscious is an amazing thing—it makes up about 95% of our mind, and it controls our autonomic nervous system (things like blinking, breathing, digestion), our habits, our emotions, and our reactions. To truely change our lives, we have to create change on the subconscious level of our mind, which is the work we do in hypnotherapy.


What’s a session like?

First-time sessions usually last 90 minutes, and during that time you’ll be awake, aware of what’s happening, and able to remember everything that takes place. You’ll be relaxed and in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Some of the session will be spent talking back and forth, while other times you will just be listening. From there, it feels different depending on the person and depending on what issue we’re addressing.

I record the last portion of our session for you to take home as a personal hypnosis meditation. It is imperative that you listen to the recording every day for the next 21 days, which will reinforce the work we do in the session.

Hypnotherapy is meant to be a short-term treatment. While each person and situation is different, we work toward achieving real change in just a few sessions. After our first session, you will have 2 follow-up sessions available to you.


what does is cost?

The cost is $250, which must be paid upfront and which includes our first session and 2 follow-up sessions. I do not process insurance, but I do offer a sliding scale for those who need financial assistance. Financial assistance is readily available for those who need it, because it is my priority that each person receives the help they need.

Want more information?

For a phone consultation to see how hypnotherapy can help your specific situation, please contact me at (507) 696-1012. I’m happy to answer any of your questions and further explain the process.