4-part high school Workshop on Emotional Fitness

I learned a lot and now I know positive thinking and habits can help you through your day. Sarah did an amazing job with presenting and I loved her energy. I would recommend it because this is somehting high schoolers should learn.
— High School Student
This was helpful because I learned more about emotional fitness. Sarah did well because she was engaging and upbeat. I would recomment this to students becuase it’s helpful to know about emotions and brains. Writing “I Am. . .” statements helped me feel good about myself.
— High School Student
Emotional Fitness was helpful for me, as I learned a lot about how beliefs can stem from sources placed into your subconscious, such as negative jokes. I believe that Sarah presented the information in a way that I thought was an easy-to-understand format. I would recommend this service to other students, as it helped me keep a more positive mindset than I had before.
— High School Student
It made me think about the different ways I can take care of my body. I also had a bunch of fun and appreciated the cupcakes and the laughs.
— High School Student
Overall, I thought the course was great. Sarah was a great motivational speaker, and it was a fun and positive experience talking and engaging in the course. I would definitely recommend.
— High School Student
Very helpful to remind me I can “retrain” my brain! I will always remeber that my brain is wired to keepy me alive but not necessarily happy, but I can focus to change what I’m feeling especially if I feel stuck!
— High School Staff

one-on-one hypnotherapy session testimonials

Achieving Goals 

Sarah is such a joy. You can really feel and see the energy she wants to extend onto others and that’s really important when it comes to healing or progressing in what you have. She graced me with the tools I’ve been missing so far in my existence and I really see myself using them daily. This has been an incredible experience. This woman really cares about people and in therapy that’s what you need from someone. So happy with the results! Feeling so full!
— Bianca A.

Anxiety and Sleep Problems

It’s never too late. As a semi-retired administrator, I finally had the time to explore issues from my past that needed resolution. Embedded in memories were issues around grief and related anxiety that were bothersome and never truly resolved. I found Rapid Transformation Therapy to be an effective approach to resolving these issues, and helpful with a sleep problem I had for many years. The work she did changed my ability to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. The results are life-changing and the tools provided to me for longer term self-care are something I can use for years to come. I would recommend her work to anyone.
— Terry L.

overeating and confidence

I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well and the therapy has been a great success and I only see myself gaining more strength from here.

1.) Physically I am losing weight and gaining strength.

2.) Food has become much more a need instead of a want, but it has been easy saying no most of the time and I don’t feel guilty (or worse about myself) when I do eat something.

3.) I am more assertive in situations that in the past I may have been passive. Both at work and at home.

Thank you for your help! It has been an amazing few weeks.
— Paul L.


My experience with RTT hypnotherapy was nothing that I could have ever imagined. Sarah asked me questions about my childhood which I had no idea were the root of where my mindless eating began. My time spent with Sarah was so well worth it. She made a recording for me that I listen to every day, sometimes twice a day. I see food so differently now, never have I been in control of my eating as I am now. It’s the greatest feeling ever. I am down 23lbs since February. I would totally recommend this to anyone. Sarah is a very kind, caring, unique young lady.
— Diane P.


My RTT experience was deep and meaningful. I had a lot of fears about it not working, and feeling like my problems would stay with me forever. It was surreal experience because even though I was fully conscious, my mind was able to take directions and provide answers and memories on cue, and I left the session feeling good and hopeful, and like I understood myself more. And in the days after I was sort of fighting myself because my body was doing the right thing, feeling full after eating small portions, while my mind was trying to go back into old patterns of overeating. I told Sarah what was happening and that weekend we did another session to deal with that part of my mind resisting positive change and that was so helpful. It’s all a learning process and I know that Sarah will be here for me the whole way! I 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to understand why they keep going into the same hurtful patterns when they want to love themselves and be happy. Invest in yourself, you’re worth it and so much more!
— Ariane C.

phobia (evevators)

I felt excited before our session. I was really optimistic since I’ve wanted to try hypnosis for some time now.

I felt incredibly relaxed during the session. Beige hypnotized was so different then what they portray in the media. I was completely aware and in control but in a state that felt much like guided meditation.

As a hypnotist, you were awesome! You made me feel at ease and that my fear was valid.

I do not think this is a coincidence at all, but since the therapy my sleep has been awesome! I’ve though about my fear and although I haven’t been able to face it.. I’ve walked myself through facing it and I feel at ease. Directly after hypnosis I was drained but there was a lightness about me that was euphoric.

I think what surprised me the most was my expectations were so far wrong. When you think hypnosis, you think you’ll be in a trance but although it is trance like, I was in control and aware of my surrounding yet looking inward makes you not want to acknowledge your surroundings.. like you don’t care what else is going on around you because you are so hyper focused.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone! It really gives you a look within.

I’ve had such an irrational fear of elevators since I was in high school. I had absolutely no idea where this fear came from and it felt like out of no where I couldn’t step foot in one without thinking of impending doom. With Sarah’s help, I was able to identify the deep and VERY surprising reason as to where my fear stemmed from. Now that I know my issue and phobia lies much deeper then I had originally thought, I can begin to work on those areas and past pains to overcome this crazy phobia.
— Abby O.

phobia (insects)

I feel great. Getting back into that head space almost every night I think really helped. Last time I saw a spider, I didn’t feel the cringe or the hair in my neck stand up so that’s a good sign! Just struck me as a littler animal.
— Josh B.

phobia (spiders)

It’s funny, but since my session with you I have great reverence for spiders and regard them as very beneficial to the environment!
— Olivia G.

Self-Confidence and Relationships

Sarah is professional and very comfortable to talk to. She is client-focused and a wonderful person to partner with to achieve goals and make personal change in those areas that can be hard to change on our own. In my sessions with Sarah we addressed important issues and I’ve been listening faithfully to the recordings she made me, and because of that have seen and felt real changes. I would definitely recommend to anyone that Sarah Ventura would be a strong partner, resource and advocate in their personal growth.
— Natalie G.


I recently did a hypnotherapy session with Sarah to release some tired, old limiting beliefs and build new, more empowering ones. Going in I didn’t have any expectations but I never would have guessed how much has shifted since our meeting. Everyday I’ve been listening to the personalized affirmation audio she made for me during our session, and it has been watering these beautiful new little seeds of better thought vibrations. I truly feel like I have shifted in a good way, mentally. Healing isn’t linear and there isn’t one way of coming to it. Thank you so much Sarah for the healing work you do.
— Celeste S.


Hypnotherapy with Sarah was exactly what I needed to get clear about my emotional blockages. She calmly guided me through past traumas that held me back from truly living my fullest potential. We located experiences that formed negative beliefs I held about my reality & she gently guided me to release these negative thought loops.

I felt a physical weight being lifted off my chest & I cried with joy knowing I was closer to freedom than ever. After the session, all I could do was smile at her knowing she just changed my life.

Today, having listened to the the meditation for one month I can confidently say each day I surprise myself with big & small shifts in my thoughts & actions. I don’t plan to stop listening to the recording on account of I have quite a bit of subconscious reprogramming to do. Sarah gave me the tool box to consciously & confidently move forward in the present moment in pursuit of my best life. I feel happy knowing I can turn my past pain into strength.
— Rachael H.